Bangabandhu REGIME Major Events

Bangabandhu REGIME

Major Events

16 December 1971 – 15 August 1975


Compiled and Edited


Golam Mustafa and M. M. Kabir



To the memory of immortal martyrs

who sacrificed their lives for

the cause of the independent Bangladesh



  • Preface Page-9
  • Chapter 1 1971: Birth of a Nation.  Page-11
  • Chapter 2 1972: Heroic Return of Bangabandhu.  Page-19
  • Chapter 3 1973: Challenges of Nation building – I.  Page-71
  • Chapter 4 1974: Challenges of Nation building – II.  Page-119
  • Chapter 5 1975: Requiem for the great soul.  Page-167


  • Appendices  Page-199
  • Appendice – I The Proclamation of Independence, 10th April, 1971.  Page-201
  • Appendice – II Laws Continuance Enforcement Order, 10th April, 1971.  Page-204
  • Appendice – III Instrument of Surrender, 16th December, 1971.  Page-205
  • Appendice – IV Provisional Constitution of Bangladesh Order, 1972  Page-206
  • Appendice – V Constitution Drafting Committee, 1972.  Page-208
  • Appendice – VI List of members of the Constituent Assembly, who has signed the main copy of the Constitution, 1972.  Page-209 
  • Appendice – VII Bangladesh National Anthem, Flag and Emblem Order, 1972.  Page-220
  • Appendice – VIII Countries which accorded recognition to Bangladesh.  Page-225
  • Appendice – IX Bangladesh Membership in UN Bodies.  Page-229
  • Appendice – X Simla Agreement, 3rd July 1972.  Page-234
  • Appendice – XI Agreement - Between the Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Government of The Republic of India Concerning the Demarcation of the Land Boundary Between Bangladesh and India and Related Matters, 16th May, 1974. Page-237


  • Bibliography  Page-243


The most glorious event of the early seventies was the liberation war of Bangladesh. After the long, bloody struggle against the Pakistani military regime, the people of Bangladesh, under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman succeeded finally to have their own independent sovereign country on 16 December 1971. Immediate after the independence, how the new country was shaped up under the administration of Bangabandhu is a subject of a great interest to everyone.


This book is a little effort to ignite that interest. The items and issues of the chronology of events are collected from the main English daily newspapers during the period starts from 16 December 1971 – 15 August 1975 viz., The Bangladesh Observer, The Bangladesh Times and The Morning News. Each item of the news has been organized against the actual date of its occurrence and not on the date on which it was reported in any particular newspaper as its item. Usually an interested reader may have the opportunity to obtain the details of a particular event of the newspaper mentioned above on the following day it occurred. Be that as it may, in the process of selecting the events, special care and attention has been given to avoid controversies.


We are extremely indebted to National Archives for giving us the material support, Public Library, Shahbag, and to many Authors whose books were consulted for preparing the manuscript.


We acknowledge the great support provided by the staffs of the Hakkani Publishers and Center for Legal Studies BD. Ltd.


Golam Mustafa


M. M. Kabir


  • বইয়ের লেখক: Golam Mustafa and M. M. Kabir
  • আই.এস.বি.এন: 9847021400942
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  • সংস্করণ: First Edition
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  • প্রকাশক: Hakkani Publishers
  • মুদ্রণ / ছাপা: Techno BD International
  • বাঁধাই: Hardback
  • বছর / সন: February, 2013

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